New York Noise Volume 4

It must have been 2008 when I decided that I really wanted a stab at the compilation market. I liked the Soul Jazz New York Noise series and because my pal Stuart Argabright had just compiled the third volume I thought I should give that a crack.

As a result I compiled this selection of very special music, personal faves, records from my collection which they had omitted to include in any of the previous three volumes. I took a lot of care over it. Needless to say, despite dropping the CD by the shop and eliciting a vague promise that the particular person in question would get it, I heard nothing from them.

Combing through my gigantic box of CD-Rs, the best stuff of which I'm drip-feeding into mixcloud, and I came across the CD. I didn't even have a track-listing for it. I was pleasantly surprised how great it is so I've cobbled together a cheeky cover and here below is a more extensive breakout with covers and release information.