I Wanna Go Zip Pow

About three hundred thousand years ago I wrote a big piece on Todd Terry. At the same time I was feverishly rounding up my old Todd vinyl and going on a binge picking up stray bits and pieces that I had omitted to purchase when they came out. At the same time I must have compiled a CD from vinyl rips of my fave rekkids. I say that because going through a massive box of CD-Rs I found said CD. I think I mailed a copy to one or two people and left it at that.

Having rediscovered it - it has been on constant rotation. It's truly an embarrassment of riches. Todd's drum programming is a total revelation. There is a really tactile sense of these grooves actually being played by a fiercely militant drummer. The sounds are all incredibly raw too. The old woodblock drum machines have an alarmingly organic quality. In retrospect one has to wonder what possibly objections the "turn-off-that-fax-machine-oh-it's-your-music" crew could possibly have had to Todd. Interesting always to hear the same integers that made Jungle and their manifestation in New York.

I have misplaced the track listing. (scratches head) I guess I could probably figure it out but it doesn't really matter. Head over to mixcloud to enjoy this very special treat.