The Bumper Book of Woe

Hello Woebles!

I've only gone and done it again! Here is the sequel to 2013's "The Big Book of Woe," my latest collection of writing on music, "The Bumper Book of Woe."

This collection has less bells and whistles than the last. It was impossible to organise into anything but a reverse chronology and a preface seemed excessive. However, to my mind, the writing is better and feverish in its own new way. I've tidied up the text and weeded out any crap so what you're left with is 77,594 words for the low price of $2.99. Now THAT'S what I call value.

Keep your eyes peeled for my [now-completed] Non-fiction epic "Retreat: How the Counterculture invented Wellness" coming out on Repeater next year.