Brick Door Mix

00:00 Foul Play: Murder Most Foul (Moving Shadow)
02:46 Underground Software: Total Niceness (Reinforced)
04:32 Exude: Common Sensi (Boogie Times)
07:09 CMC: Bad Girl (Ibiza)
10:34 Roni Size: Det-strumental (V)
13:43 Tom & Jerry: Follow Da Massive (Shell)
16:04 Pure: Anything Test (Suburban Base)
19:19 Tek 9: The Tek 9 Reinterpretation of Code 071's 'A London Sumtin' 1991 Some Original Urban Jungle Music. (Reinforced)
21:47 D'Cruze: Want You Now (DJ SS & EQ Remix) (Suburban Base)
23:58 Underground Software: Music Maker Possee (Reinforced)
21:49 A Guy Called Gerald: Anything V.2.1 (Juice Box)
31:25 Smokey Joe: Shining Remix (Labello Blanco)
35:17 Prizna: No Man No Bad Feat Junior Demus Grooverider Remix (KUS)
38:10 More Rockers: In The Beginning (More Rockers)
41:18 DJ Solo & DJ Rossie: Sure Shot (FX)
46:27 L Double: The Rider (Flex)
51:03 Rhytm For Reasons DJ SS Remixes: The Smokers Rhythm (Formation)
54:27 A Guy Called Gerald: Finley's Rainbow (Juice Box)