Bird Mix

Curtis Mayfield - Hard Times
Frank Ocean - Lost
Durutti Column - Sketch for a Summer
Jody Harris - Money Talks
Matthew Young - Dummy Line
The Byrds - Draft Morning
Tommy McCook - Dub It On The Banking Dub
Blind Idiot God - Raining Dub
Polyrock - Your Dragging Feet
Pylon - Weather Radio
The Feelies - Let's Go
The Del-Byzanteens - Sally go round the roses
Television Personalities - A Family Affair
The Smiths - That joke isn't funny more
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - The Ecstasy of Dancing Fleas
Elemental 7 - Dancing Ghosts
Phillip Glass - [Excerpt from Einstein on the Beach]
Woebot - [Chelsea Flower Garden commission]

Included an original Woebot track commissioned for a garden installation at Hampton Court but in the event not used. Sounds really good!