Reggae Playlists


Blue Boot : Eric Donaldson
Ghost Dance : Prince Buster
Jack Of My Trade : Sir Lord Comic
Preacher Man : The Stingers
Chi Chi Bud : Max Romeo
Them A Fi Get A Beaten:Reuben : Peter Tosh
Dark Shadows Version : Charles Hanna & The Graduates
Do Your Thing Part Two : The Tornadoes
Milk & Honey : Dennis Alcapone
This is a Welding : Keith & Romay
Finders Keepers : The Crystalites
Dr. Who : I Roy
I've Got a Burning Fire : The Wailing Souls
DJ Special : King Sporty
The Gardener : Julie Anne (Judy Mowatt)
Ontarious Version : Charley Ace
Lorna Banana : Junior Byles
Cow Thief Skank : The Upsetters
Black IPA : The Upsetters
Whole Lot A Fire (12" Mix) : Big Youth
Brimstone & Fire : Clifton Gibbs & The Selected Few


Aily Sound : Lloydie
Guns In the Ghetto : Broadway
Ethiopian War : Roland Alphonso
Bike No License : Easton Clarke
Festive Season : I Roy
Gone Is Love : Inge Larsen
High Locks : Pablove Black
If Loving You is Wrong Version : Busty Brown & The Chosen Few
You're No Good : Ken Boothe
Love of Jah : Vivian Jackson and The Prophets
Tell It Like It Is Version : Glen Brown:King Tubby
Liberty : Junior Ross & The Spears
Freedom : Tappa Zukie
Weeping : Junior Byles
Water Rate : I Roy
Big Cockey Wally : Fay Bennett
Big Pussy Sally:Big Sally Dub (Extended Version) : Lord Creator & The Upsetters
Deck of Cards : Prince Far I
Lagos : Heptones Version
Chim Chim Cheree : The Upsetters
Hard Man Fe Dead : I Roy


Eek a mouse : Virgin Girl
Horace Andy : Spying Glass
Tristan Palmer : Spliff tail
Michigan and Smiley : Nice up the Dance
Nicodemus : Dog is Better than a gun
Michigan and Smiley : Diseases
Tenor Saw : Golden Hen
Sophia George : Girlie Girlie
Reggie Stepper : Cu Oonuh
Nitty Gritty : Hog in a Minty
Super Cat : Si Boops deh
Shelly Thunder : Kuff
Shabba : Roots and Culture
Nardo Ranks : Burrup
Flourgon : Follow me go dancehall
Cutty ranks : Hitman
Ninjaman & Flourgon : Zig it up
Cutty ranks : Pon Pause
Shabba : Respect
Tony Rebel : Chatty Chatty
Shabba : Wicked Inna Bed
Marcia Griffiths/Tony Rebel/Cutty Ranks/Buju Banton : Discovery
Wayne Wonder : I'd Die without you
Papa San : Hippity Hippity Hop
Louie Ranking : No Move
Louie Ranking : Typewriter
Supercat : Don Dada
Shabba : Ting a ling
Dirtsman : Dance fever
Shabba : Caan Dun : Steely & Cleevie
Capleton : Armshouse
Buju Banton : Batty rider
Ninjaman : The World
Buju Banton : Mind behind the wind

RMZ 450

Buccaneer: Skettel Symphony
Beenie Man: Badder than the rest
10%: U Sue Dub
Tanya Stephens: Big Ninja Bike
Beenie Man: Old Dog
Stink: Girls Anthem
Stranger: Dugu Dugu
Beenie Man: Who Am I
Mykhal Roze: One A Wi
Luciano: One Way Ticket
Johnny Clarke: Leggo Violence
Capleton: Mankind
Louie Culture: Bogus Badge
Sizzla: Black Woman And Child
Sizzla: Mama Africa
Vybz Kartel: Picture This
Elephant Man: Fuck U Sign
Sky Juice: Dance Moves
Wayne Marshall: I Will Love The Girls
Beenie Man: Girls Way
Goofy: Fudgie
Beenie Man: Year 4
Red Dragon: Explode Gal
Beenie Man: Row Like A Boat
Sean Paul: Ever Blazin'
Vibes Kartel (sic): Nobody No Dead
Bounty Killer: Sufferer
Vybz Kartel: Send On
Buju Banton: Up Close And Personal
General Degree: Last Night
Elephant Man & Wayne Marshall: War
Elephant Man: Wrong Application
Baby Cham: Wha Dah Fah

Woebot In Dub v2

Dub So True: Treasure Isle Dub
More Dub Version 2: Dub Serial
Open The Iron Gate part 2: Max Romeo Revelation Time LP
A Who Sey Version 2: Drum Sound
Beware: Yabby You
Counter Attack: Maxfield Avenue Breakdown
Full Dose of Dub: Harry Mudie Meets King Tubbys In Dub Conference
Hell and Sorrow Dub: Jimmy Radway
Jah Macka: Natty Locks
Kunta Kinte: Drum Sound
Ordinary Version 3 Forward The Bass: Randys
Dub with a Difference: Harry Mudie Meets King Tubbys
Pick Up The Dub: Tappa Zukie In Dub
Rebel Dance: Strictly Dub Wize Dennis Bovell
Heavy Duty Dub: Harry Mudie Meets King Tubbys In Dub Conference
Rockers Meets King Tubby Inna Firehouse
Rocking Vibration: Black Foundation Gussie
Romans: Don't Underestimate The Force
Taxi to Baltimore: Scientific Dub Scientist
West Dub: Dreadlocks in Jamaica Jah Stitch
Verdict In Dub: Randys All Stars
Glen Brown: Black Dub
Jammys On The Move: Fatman Dub Contest
Country Gal Dub: Dangerous Dub