Out Come The Freaks

Out come the freaks.
Under cover of darkness.
The jerks and the bitches.
Seep into the clubs.

Looking backwards through the telescope of time it's clear this music was always broader than is assumed. Hence this wild mashup of Art Rock, New Wave Funk, NDW, Rap, Industrial, Japanese Electronics, African Disco, Indie, and Left-footed Disco sounds more of a piece than one imagines it should.

Notable omissions: Wally Badarou (too smooth somehow), Jah Wobble "Snake Charmer" (let's face it - a weak record), Cabaret Voltaire "Yashar" John Robie Mix (has aged badly), The Dominatrix "Sleeps Tonight" (marvelous but ubiquitous) and Pylon (not enough Disco in its DNA).

Sure New York is here - but the significance of Europe (the true home of Disco?) looms almost larger.

Play it loud over speakers!


Pierre Henry - Psyche Rock
Jean Jaques Perrey - EVA
Giorgio Moroder - Evolution
Can - I Want More
YMO - Ballet
Aural Exciters - Emile (Night Rate)
Warp 9 - Beat Wave
Spontaneous Overthrow - All About Money
Eno/Byrne - Very, very hungry
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Das Neue Japanische Electronische Volkslied
Patrick Cowley - Primitive World
William Onyeabor - When The Going Is Smooth and Good
Einsturzende Neubauten - Yu Gung (Adrian Sherwood Remix)
Unknown Cases - Masimbabele
DAF - Der Mussolini
Indoor Life - Voodoo
Glorious Strangers - Move It Time
Material - Reduction
Section 25 - Looking From a Hilltop
Paul McCartney - Temporary Secretary
Material - Secret Life
Vortex OST - Black Box Disco
Was Not Was - Wheel Me Out
Jeff and Jane Hudson - Cat Scan
La Perversita - Suicide
Arthur Russell - Springfield
impLOG - Holland Tunnel Drive
Sexual Harrassment - If I Gave You a Party
Mathmatiques Modernes - Disco Rough
The Flirts - Passion
My Mine - Hypnotic Tango
Marcel King - Reach For Love
Happy Mondays - Wrote for Luck
The Barmy Army - Sharp as a Needle