Fragments - Techno In The UK 1989-1993

A classic bit of troublemaking really. On Billy Bunter's recent show with Floyd Dyce, Floyd pointed to the massive influence of Bleep'n'Bass on his classic "Daydreaming". I got to thinking about of a strictly UK bleep mix that steered several 'Nuum figures (like A Guy Called Gerald and Mark Ryder) into Techno where they also rightfully belong. Also there's the breakbeats of TFSOL and Black Dog. It was never a hard and fast distinction in those days. Also there was the sheer joy of rubbing B12 up against the 'Nuum and rejoicing in beautiful tracks by Kirk Degiorgio and Iueke. On the wheels of steel. No edits at all.

Original Clique - Now Hear Me Now
Unique 3 - Weight for the Bass (3 Ton Mix)
Forgemasters - Stress
Inertia (A Guy Called Gerald) - Fragments
M-D-Emm (Mark Ryder) - Get Acidic
Bang The Party - Instrumental
The Aphex Twin - Delphium
As One - Isatai
Iueke - Tape 4
Likemind - Artifax
Orbital - Belfast
Mark Broom - Seagulls
Reload - Le Sol Et La Mer (Black Dog Productions Remix)
Intelligent Communication - Drive
Musicology - Mondrin
Baby D - Daydreaming