Concerns Round Data Collected and Dispersed: Indie Mix

It's a bit of a treat this one. It gets its own "drawn" piccie. Scavenged from an old hard drive. Was originally a C90. Hangs together like the best mix-tapes do. One for the listening crew. Over the years I have made Mrs Ingram hundreds of these tapes. She has a big box full of them. All of them are a sacrament of love, and therefore strictly top secret. However one or two have found their way outside this intimate circle - often as a result of requests by visitors to the house.

In no particular order therefore: Durutti column. Blind Idiot God. Echo and the Bunnymen. Polyrock. Sonic Youth. Television Personalities. Rihanna. Frank Ocean. Dif Juz. Ol' Neil Young. The Field Mice. Beat Happening. The Feelies. Bobbie Gentry. Antena. Family Fodder. The Del Byzanteens.  R.E.M. Galaxie 500. David Sylvian. And a big slug of Roxy Music.