Announcing the brand new digital currency WOECOIN.

How does Woecoin work?

Investors pay Woebot Inc for vinyl records which are kept safely in the carefully curated, legendary Woebot record collection.

How does Woebot Inc protect my investment?

The record you invest against is protected in a high-security storage room monitored by an alarm-system. Some portion of your investment is kept in the encrypted Woebot liquidity fund - the rest is parceled up and prudently invested.

Why should I invest in Woecoin above other digital currencies?

There are a only limited number of records in this legendary collection which means that Woecoin is, like Gold, a finite resource and therefore extremely valuable.

What do I get for my money?

With other digital currencies you only get a digital string, Woecoin on the other hand matches your investment to an actual physical product kept in our high-security storage room - a transaction which is comprehensively certificated. Therefore Woecoin is the 21st Century's answer to the gold standard.

This sounds amazing! How do I send you my money?

We accept Bank Transfer and Paypal. Just specify the record you'd like to match with your investment!

How do I sell my investment?

Partial withdrawal can easily be made with 28 days notice.

Woecoin is not regulated by the Financial Standards Authority.
As with any other financial investment you risk not getting your original capital back.