Last night I had a dream. I was sitting with my father and we were watching a VHS together. We were looking down at the side of a green hill. There was a man, painted head-to-toe in charcoal-black, running around. His movements were in an exaggerated Buster Keaton-style manner. As he jumped up and down, and rolled about, and sprinted hither and thither, I thought: "This is brilliant!" It's weird, funny, and inventive - bonkers! Then I realised that it was me; I was watching a video of myself.

At this point in the video I saw that I started lying down on the hillside, my arms spread wide. And because I was covered in paint I saw that I was leaving figure-shaped marks on the grass. As I moved into another position I made another connecting shape imprinted black on the turf. Suddenly the video looped. Now I was watching the start. This time I was alone watching. There I was, close-up, painting my white face in charcoal-black paint. I pressed my face onto the ground and it left the mark of a large black W. I moved myself around and, printed the letters O, E, B, O, T in a tight circle, a rosary.