The Warehouse

I couldn't get the opportunity to visit Chicago without a pilgrimage to the place where it all started. I'm talking about the birth of House music and its manger.

Located in the London equivalent of something like Moorgate, on the edge of the City of London, the building which once housed the Warehouse club can be found at 206 South Jefferson Street. This section of the street is now named Frankie Knuckles Way thanks in part to the efforts of Barack Obama whose residence in the Kenwood/Hyde Park area was just round the corner from where I was staying. Locals joked with me that Trump has suspended the Obama's security unit - but the truth seems to be that he isn't living there at the moment. Nice joint by the way Barack!

My ride to The Warehouse was a diamond of a lady called Maybelle who told me she was a long-standing friend of Kanye's mother and was at high-school with Minnie Ripperton and Chaka Khan. House music wasn't her thing but she said but her daughters had liked it. Maybelle told me that Farrakhan lived, and Mohammed Ali had lived, a block from the Obamas. Nice.

I should have probably taken a snapshot of the "Frankie Knuckles Way" road-sign - I only discovered this tidbit later after combing through these great articles about the Warehouse. What isn't made abundantly clear is that the same building was also where the Warehouse promoter Robert Williams installed Ron Hardy's "Muzik Box" after Knuckles graduated to more mainstream clubs. Yeah, I mean like WTF, the Warehouse and The Muzik Box were in the same building! Vibrations.

What's happening there now? Well your roving cub reporter can authoritatively reveal it is now the home of, on the left, The Law Services of Daniel Q Herbert Associates and, on the right, Benefit Services Plus, Inc.