Hi-Res Audio

Good article on Hi-Res Audio at Pitchfork

Writing this in August 2016 I didn't imagine Pono would have failed in eight months time. Although it was rumoured Apple buying Omnifone (Pono's streaming partner) caused Pono's collapse - in characteristically disgusting Apple fashion they waited till the company went bankrupt before stripping the corpse of IP and useful employees. Therefore this conjecture of mine was partially born out: "I would imagine that eventually we will see things like Apple buying Apogee Digital, and probably even companies like B&W and a new marketing emphasis on high quality audio."

But forget formats - it's obviously all about streaming and hardware. "Content" nowadays is just another way to sell smart-phones and other consumer electronics like headphones and Bluetooth speakers. If someone tells you that formats are irrelevant to them, that they're just into the music, that's the elephant in the room. I would still look out for companies, but especially Apple with its new Apple Lightning adapter, looking for ways to introduce high-end DACs and "better quality" speakers. If you don't use Music, but run Hi-Res streaming on Spotify or Tidal, they still stand to gain.