Mixcloud Takedown Request

We received a Copyright Takedown Notification for a track within one of your shows
Kanye West - Black Skinhead 
While we hope to convey the value of Mixcloud to all partners, some artists, labels or publishers can request to takedown tracks which they own the rights to. 
As an open user-generated platform for radio shows, we must respect these requests and have disabled the track within your show. 
We will continue to work hard towards a solution that everyone is happy with. 
Mixcloud Team
I thought Mixcloud had this thing licked, but it seems not. That's why I left Soundcloud! Though I quite liked the way they just snuck in and edited it out themselves, like a personal service almost. I don't suppose it happens all that often.

Delusional. And for about a split second I thought "Hot Damn, Kanye's finally after me!" As though he'd taken personal offense over my comments about him on this here blog and decided to mete out a little justice. Lol. Of course, it's just data...

 That's one mistake you make thinking about "stars" - as though they are individuals. Kanye West is just the name of a big business (comprising many business and crafts people) headed up by some guy who in all likelihood doesn't even run his own show.