Countdown to 100

I have no intention to stop blogging - I've enjoyed it a lot over the past three years - but it may be that the focus here shifts away from music [exclusively] onto other preoccupations.

However, on the subject of closure, in June I wrote that I was aiming to stop uploading mixes to Mixcloud at my hundredth mix. I'm still working to this as a timetable. My close pals will recognise this behavior in me and will probably question it. Why abandon something I clearly enjoy?

With these mixes I'm trying to add something. I'm trying to put something out there which isn't iterative but which is original and unusual to my experience of music. The kind of personal experience of music which you can't get at Spotify. But there are limits to that kind of expression, particularly because I'm no longer following music closely. I'm just not "digging" like I used to. It's often that old exploration upon which I'm relying. I'm increasingly interested in other things - in particular I'm reading much more than I ever did in the past.

So I've put a great deal of thought into how I should round out the 100 mixes. No one wants another exclusive Krautrock mix. I don't quite feel qualified to make a Psych-Punk mix. I don't want to make a slightly generic Electro or Funk mix. So to create a little frisson of anticipation I thought I'd share my plans and give you, dear reader, an idea of what to expect in the coming weeks [see above].

I thought #98 and #99 were a really nice way of making a generally stale field interesting. And #100 will be my parting shot - and will double as a gift to dear daughter who is currently exploring the kind of music I discovered in my early teens with a real rapaciousness.