Vitamin C

The eagle-eyed may have noticed that I finished my Vitamin C animation - the film which took me three and a half years work. Blood, sweat and tears I can assure you!

There is now a Vitamin C Film website, with a downloadable script/storyboard and soon I'll be passing out stickers promoting it.

The good news is that the film has been picked up by STEM, part of Project ENTHUSE which was set up by a consortium of organisations who "came together to bring about inspired science teaching through the continuing professional development of teachers of science across the UK." No, they didn't give me any money, but it will mean that the animation will be promoted and find its way into schools.

One of the stipulations with my very stringent contract with CAN is that the version of the film I made with their "Vitamin C" and "Dead Pigeon Suite" can only be hosted at Vimeo, can't be embedded elsewhere and can't be available as a download. Consequently, to liberate the film and so STEM could use it, I had to create a new version and make some new music myself. These three themes will be the first pieces of music I've made since 2013's "Woebiotic EP".

I regret that I don't have more of a social media presence with which to leverage publicity for the movie. That's basically what it is all about these days isn't it? I've even managed to get locked out of my Instagram account which I had tactically set up precisely for the purpose of publicising Vitamin C. Doh! Therefore if you're reading this, and you are so inclined, please share either versions of the film. SINCERE THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED SO FAR!!!!! I LUV U!!!!!