connect_icut: Rage Coma

Talking of all-consuming labours of love made with nary a thought of their commercial reception - Sam Macklin of The Bubblegum Cage has just completed this really fantastic album. He says it has taken him three years - dude has thrown his whole frickin' soul into this. Far be it for me to try and do justice to that endeavor in a few pitiful lines - but, trust me, this is really great. By a long measure the best thing he has ever done.

Sam, in case you didn't know is the number one My Bloody Valentine fan in the world. But rather than [inappropriately] track that obsession into a trad alley of guitar rock he's picked up the baton of beats and noise. Remember those MBV off-cuts that beguiled us - the ghostly guitars and Public Enemy beats of the single that came free with "Isn't Anything" or indeed Andy Weatherall's Gang of Four-sampling [via Westbam] remix of "Soon"? Well imagine that vein expanded into a whole universe; a glittering cosmos of hummable, excoriating basslines of star-glowing, tessellated after-trails, of loping nth generation hip-hop beats.

Certainly, if there was any justice in this world, this astonishingly well-produced record would be feted by The Wire and Pitchfork. It seems brutally unfair that Macklin may have to satisfy himself with a job well done - with having brought a little beauty into the world.