Aphex Twin Korg Geek Out

Richard James talks to KORG's Tatsuya Takahashi via FACT.

FACT, of which my pal Dave Moynihan and I were discussing, has crossed over to a GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) styled mag. As though, like modern day troubadours, musos have simultaneously become gear-heads. Making their own music as much as consuming other people's. I'd like to think I anticipated this with my 2009 "Switched-On" music tech piece for Domino's "Loops" journal - I mean ferchrissakes you've GOT to blow your own trumpet...

The interview (is Richard really interviewing Tatsuya or vice-versa, I can't tell?) is long on very deep technological detail, but actually, if you pay close attention, really fascinating. Of course I wonder if attention to this kind of sonic minutiae can produce interesting music - isn't it rather big, simple and crude innovations that push music forward? But on the other hand I think it's very apposite that one's musical heroes are focused more on the obscure crevices of sound and not, er, PR.

Still blowing my own trumpet, I know STILL!!! I thought Richard's comment here was cool:
"I’m a secret nerd-fan of synth demos, mainly vintage ’80s ones currently! Some amazing music has been made as equipment demos, unsung heroes. I collect synth demos. Well, ones that I like. It’s kind of an unclassified music genre..."
Because I once wrote an article for The Wire magazine on precisely this.


Postscript - A very lonely thread I started on this at Gearslutz in 2012!