Throwback Thursday #1

Dug from the image archives!

k-punk, heronbone and emerald daze in the comaflage (Jim's coinage that...)

Peter Schmidt prints from Eno's "Before and After Science"

The six WOEBOT.tv episodes. Blam.


Looks like a really shit party.

Love this! I had to remove the image attachment thing off of Dissensus to speed the damn thing up but rather than dump all the images I turned it into a gif! Witness the sickness.

My Practice Hours DVD menu. Shout out to Troy.

Lulu loading the twelve-tens with her plastic dinosaurs. Of course, innit.

Seek and you shall (still) find.

Old Skool.

Hm, a familiar looking-strategy! Ho ho. I actually wrote a post to accompany this. Thank god I didn't publish it =)

The rig.