IX Tab: The World Is Not Where We Are

Over the course of three albums, Spindle and the Bregnut Tree, R.O.C and now The World Is Not Where We Are the IX Tab sound has moved from a metaphorical shed in the woods to something like a vast, decadent, haunted mansion. Certainly I liked the the scruffy feel of Spindle, pregnant with DIY promise, but there is something altogether grand and ravishing about the golden sonics of this latest album.

IX Tab make occult ambient music. Atmospheres here are the spirits of imaginary environments; are explicit invocations. The tools at Saxon Roach's disposal are immaterial as such. Loping synths, found-sound, samples, snatches of spoken word, foley recording are all spooled into a simmering cauldron. They form a smooth, slowly blipping, molten metal. You question the creator's inscrutable motives as it swirls deliberately before you.

Great care has been taken with the artwork which forms an eighteen page page booklet full of quotes, photos and thoughts. Featuring as it does the contributions of Gentleforce, Pope Joan and the Whip Angel the album is something of a production in the best, old-fashioned sense. Definitely worth peering cautiously into.