Hardcore, Jungle and Drum & Bass Compilations - Slight Return

This was a strange one.  Put out by the entirely unknown to me Scratch Records this must have been an outside cash-in on the scene because their other releases include records by Moody Blues Wings-man Denny Laine, Menergy and the comedian Jim Davidson. Gives you some idea of the filthy machinations of the music business.

I bought this at the time but sold it at the end of the nineties because I had a lot of the tracks on twelve inches. In truth, looking at the listing now, not enough of them to merit passing it on. Absolutely stellar line up of peak-period Lucky Spin and Dee Jay Recordings material (for whom there is no equivalent collection I am aware of) but the pressing is way too quiet. Picked this up again in Iceland in February - and like the T.Power disc I bought up there the record is in fairly terrible nick - a shame because originals seem to go for entirely stupid prices.

At the end of the last post I mentioned the Slammin' Vinyl "Absolute Classic Drum and Bass" Compilation. Here's a label we know and love for the early DJ Red Alert/Mike Slammer and D-Force classics. They must have cottoned on earlier than most to the value in compilations as they were responsible for a stream of Happy Hardcore releases collected and mixed by the likes of Ratty, Sy and DJ Brisk between 1995 and 2000.

These one, two, three releases (perhaps skip this fourth one dedicated to Happy Hardcore) are absolutely excellent collections which, in spite of their "classic" moniker, frequently eschew big name tracks for completely delightful obscurities you scratch your head wondering why you've never heard before. They're also on the cheap side to pick up secondhand, especially when you consider the tracks which comprise them are now reaching astronomical prices. A wise buy IMHO.