Ekoplekz - Bioprodukt

Bioprodukt. A biological entity. That's the idea behind this. That these analog, electric signals aren't trammeled by bit depth or 127 midi steps - rather that control voltages trigger other modules in a ballet méchanique.

That they have their own wonky logic. Spiral of their own volition into curious feedback eddies. Occasionally signals become crushed into hot peaks. That if you listen closely you'll hear the low drizzle of recording noise. Ekoplekz doesn't seek out these corrupted crevices - doesn't foreground them - they are simply, unpretentiously there.

This is electronic music as eminent craft. A modern craft, with shades of a cultural legacy, like the natty silkscreen on the cover. Like a chef might slice and dice his curious vegetables with ultra-sharp Japanese knives. The chef isn't talking to you. He hardly knows you are there. On "Acrid Acid" he has his back turned to you. You wait cross-legged. Or summat.

Suggestions of King Jammy-era Digital Reggae. Of Black Dog-style pads. Of Red Mecca. All this is, broadly-speaking irrelevant in 2017. The past is here but only as a cipher, we are not mired in tradition.