Lost Samba Book

I met Richard Klein on a post-production job. Both of us building a roman camp in Maya for a TV series. I overheard Richard playing "Clube Da Esquina" and we got chatting. Richard is a quite a bit my senior - he's around ten years older than me.

He pointed me to this book he had spent a very long time painstakingly writing. It's about his childhood and adolescence growing up in Brazil. A certified head, his frequently wild, vividly-described experiences are set against a backdrop of the music of MPB of the seventies and early eighties. I can thoroughly recommend it - it's quite something to finally get some cultural insight into that era from someone you actually know.

Richard also put together a massive Spotify playlist which covers his favourite Brazilian music of that era and it's really brilliant. I've been discovering some amazing things through like it "Samba Pra Vinicius" by Toquhino and Vinicius and Rita Lee's "Agora E Moda" - too many to mention on a Friday evening.