In Search of The Best Of House Volume 2

So as I was saying. The first copy of this disc I had came from a box and as I threw the box away leaving me with a copy without a sleeve and eventually I threw this away. Why look so horrified? It was worth nothing. The second one I was sent by accident by a dealer on Discogs - purely by chance. It was very badly scratched and I wanted a tolerably good copy.

So I ordered another copy on Discogs (again, we're talking £1). This one, although listed as VG+ was completely fucked. So I got a refund from the seller and bought another copy. I asked this second (third?) seller if he wouldn't mind checking it was in OK condition. "It's fine mate," was his perfunctory reply. This copy was in laughably poor condition - even worst than the one I was sent by accident. Honestly, what a Muppet! So again I got a refund and set about buying ANOTHER copy.

This time I decided to take no chances at all and found a Near Mint copy for the princely sum of £3. The record arrived and it was indeed a perfectly sparkling copy...of Regina Belle's "All By Myself" LP. Thanks a fucking million. Again I negotiate a refund. Again I order yet another copy, which turned up today and, praise be to god, is in good condition.

I've never had such a hassle on Discogs since when I tried to buy a copy of Tod Dockstader's "Electronic Volume 1"  on Boosey and Hawkes to replace my Creel Pone CD-R and was twice sent an adjacent serial number before eventually plumping for the (excellent) Mordant reissue.