More multiples

When I asked him, no begged him, for another copy of "Reflekzionz" Nick Edwards was convinced I'd flogged my copy to a secondhand shop and refused. I was really embarrassed and actually began to think that I might have done just that to this excellent LP. But no, surely not?

Eventually I gave up repeatedly going through my (now very carefully ordered) collection looking for it and dialed into Planet Mu and bought myself a brand new copy.

Only when it arrived at the house did I realise the error of my ways. Just looking at the spine I had assumed it was Laurel Halo's "Quarantine" - the colours are kind of similar.


In Search of The Best Of House Volume 2

So as I was saying. The first copy of this disc I had came from a box and as I threw the box away leaving me with a copy without a sleeve and eventually I threw this away. Why look so horrified? It was worth nothing. The second one I was sent by accident by a dealer on Discogs - purely by chance. It was very badly scratched and I wanted a tolerably good copy.

So I ordered another copy on Discogs (again, we're talking £1). This one, although listed as VG+ was completely fucked. So I got a refund from the seller and bought another copy. I asked this second (third?) seller if he wouldn't mind checking it was in OK condition. "It's fine mate," was his perfunctory reply. This copy was in laughably poor condition - even worst than the one I was sent by accident. Honestly, what a Muppet! So again I got a refund and set about buying ANOTHER copy.

This time I decided to take no chances at all and found a Near Mint copy for the princely sum of £3. The record arrived and it was indeed a perfectly sparkling copy...of Regina Belle's "All By Myself" LP. Thanks a fucking million. Again I negotiate a refund. Again I order yet another copy, which turned up today and, praise be to god, is in good condition.

I've never had such a hassle on Discogs since when I tried to buy a copy of Tod Dockstader's "Electronic Volume 1"  on Boosey and Hawkes to replace my Creel Pone CD-R and was twice sent an adjacent serial number before eventually plumping for the (excellent) Mordant reissue.

Cary Grant Comic Re-Up

Download the pdf here.


Dua Lipa

Oh my. Not everyone one grows up wanting to make Grime, Techno or Underground Rock. I mean, you're a ravishingly sultry young lady do you HAVE to be an invisible presence? This is Pop music, not as marketing category, but cosmic emanation of beauty. Love the Diana Dors touches of Soho streets and Primrose Hill - there's a shoestring quality to the video that looks like they didn't even get permission to film.


More Trevor Jackson "Bite It" Artwork of New York House Music

These ripped from Discogs. I have the Earth People one actually (not a very good record) and also the Aphodisiac one but on Nu Groove (I think it's a bootleg...) so without this sleeve. He's a talented bugger that Trevor Jackson. The last thing I saw of his were the Metal Dance Industrial Compilations on Strutt.

I once bumped into Trevor, literally, when on Conduit Street he reversed his black Saab into my VW Camper (a veritable Retro collision). I remember being quite irate actually, and he was extremely apologetic and not all arrogant like one might perhaps assume he might be (Is that fair?) The event left me feeling very conflicted and a bit embarrassed for myself even. Tee hee.