Detroit Compilations

Where it all started. Faultless. Great track after great track and Derrick's side-long DJ mix of everything to boot.

And then the Second Wave. Much harder to find back in the day. Invaluable for Carl Craig's beautiful "Elements" which for a long time was unavailable elsewhere.

Networks seminal "biorhythm" compilation.

Not just Detroit music, but three tracks from Detroit and one from Chicago's Neal Howard who had a strong Detroit connection. Notable too for two from Mark Archer and Chris Peat. These before the dissolution of Nexus 21 and the unstoppable rise of their rave alter-ego Altern-8. Everyone had a copy of this. Features the best version of Rhythim Is Rhythim's "Emanon" which is unavailable elsewhere.

More early, useful, Network/Kool Kat business. For a long time the Transmat stone tablets were extremely hard to get hold of - on scarce imports or occasionally at record fairs only - so something like this was a god-send. Studied, yes studied, very closely.

And the later "expanded version" on R&S. A little unwieldy. The Buzz Transmat "Relics" Compilation was nicer but I've sold my copy of that. Which I regret a little.

Great early KMS compilation. Some choice Transmat licensing too. Features Janet Street-Porter's squeeze Normski on Magic Juan's "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah". Never liked the second "Made In Detroit" KMS comp which I sold a long time ago.

Mark and Dego 4Hero's loving tribute to Detroit. Some UR and more third wave tracks. All of these before the pounding, usually boring, minimalism of Rob Hood and Jeff Mills.

Utterly awesome, faultless, indispensable Damon Booker Retroactive compilation. Retroactive, possibly the hippest record label ever. A friend came by the house a couple of years ago with the beautiful Sarah Gregory in tow and I rushed up to my study to bring her down my copy of "Wrap Me In Its Arms" - both of us standing there slightly embarrassed. Classic record geek behaviour.

Like "Equinox" above, this "Panic In Detroit", is another lovely comp by Belgium's Buzz. Tinges of Soul and Ambience but not in a cartoon-ish "we're funky and intellectual" way.

Very good +8 records compilation. I used to have the second, less good one too.

Carl Craig's amazing Planet E label's first compilation. The LP of this beauty was never available at Fat Cat when I went in. That's where I bought a lot of my Detroit Techno. Puzzlingly I had the "Bug In The Bassbin" twelve which shopped with it - so they must have become uncoupled. I think I have all the twelve inches though... (sighs) I'm just so cool...

The second E Planet Compilation also fantastic.

And a great roundup of Carl's Paperclip People releases. Bought as new, the £7 sticker was from when the house was burgled and I found it in the local record shop! Tsk.

Ho, ho! The Detroit "Retro" compilation. When things were moving so fast that retro meant four years ago :-O Bloody lovely record. And super helpful geek-tastic breakdown of KMS/Metroplex/Transmat releases with catalogue numbers on the inner before this kind of information was to be found at the press of a button.

Gorgeous, gorgeous collection of Detroit and the techno diaspora. Contributions from UK man dem, Neuropolitique, As One (Kirk Degiorgio) and B12 as Redcell as well as Derrick, Carl, Stacey and Kenny.

And this dream-dish. Utterly unmissable.