Fuck being Cool

This is like Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen only perhaps more painful. Because we love Kanye. Of course we love him. He just behaves badly - it's not that he is bad. That's why people have tolerated him for so long.

Dear. Oh. Dear.

And even Jay-Z won't talk to him. 😢

People have simply run out of patience with Kanye being a douche.

As little as I feel sorry for him I hope he can clean up his act (cocaine surely, if not the more typical alcohol) and try being a reasonable human-being for a change.

He's got to stop stealing from life; accept what life gives him.

And he needs a good shrink who challenges him too.

Would the switch make him a superstar still? Who cares? In his own words "Fuck being Cool." Really.

Not (never) presidential material surely...? Not now certainly.