Fuck being Cool

Kanye crashes and burns.

This is like Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen only perhaps more painful. Because we love Kanye. Of course we love him. He just behaves badly - it's not that he is bad. That's why people have tolerated him for so long.

Dear. Oh. Dear.

And even Jay-Z won't talk to him. 😢

People have simply run out of patience with Kanye being a douche.

As little as I feel sorry for him I hope he can clean up his act (cocaine surely, if not the more typical alcohol) and try being a reasonable human-being for a change.

He's got to stop stealing from life; accept what life gives him.

And he needs a good shrink who challenges him too.

Would the switch make him a superstar still? Who cares? In his own words "Fuck being Cool." Really.

Not (never) presidential material surely...? Not now certainly.