Squeezebox Encounter #2

In April I wrote of how I harangued a seemingly blind street musician playing outside Coram Fields.

In the intervening months the man disappeared. As I cycled past in the evening I have often rued my missed opportunity to let him hear the hornpipe, for him to learn said piece of music and to therefore improve his takings.

I was both delighted and nervous to see last Friday that he was there again. This time I had my strategy worked out. I mounted the pavement, pulled out my phone, found someone on YouTube performing the tune and gently implored him to listen. The pavement was empty and it was growing dark as we huddled round the device, its screen glowed as the slightly weedy speaker spooled forth.

Once again he fumbled with the keys trying to pick up the gist of the song. Occasionally it seemed like he had worked out its shape. I certainly couldn't manage something like that. I regretted I didn't have any cash on me. In an ideal world buskers would take contact-less payments. I must get in the habit of carrying a few bob on me.