Unruly Milk: Spilagges

Here's a magical slice of New Wave West Country Lo-Fi. Unruly Milk pile up loops of close-miked instruments against a background of three-dimensionally reverberating VSTs. Then smattered with the occasional vocal samples and (on "Ambassadeurs") even a recorded singer. Coming on like General Strike meets Position Normal the results are as studiedly ragged as they are elegantly modern. This will be by favourite ever release which the mercurial Kek-W has been involved with.

Eastville Vending: 23 Minutes - 23 Tracks - 23 Artists

In the same vein as Elliot Sharp's "State of The Union" No Wave compilation in which 34 artists had a minute. Produced and artfully sequenced by Farmer it's an engaging and surprisingly coherent journey through the shadows of Brexit Blighty. My favourite track has to be Runningonair's "The Message" a text message accidentally sent to a BT landline (ever had one of these? I have) is recited by a robotic femle voice and then draped with a creepy synth.