Macbook Woe

Here's a refreshing article in FACT which concludes that the new Macbook Pro is a poor choice for musicians. They even go on to recommend switching to the PC citing the brilliance of  Windows 10 and the Surface. I came to the very same conclusion this Summer when, after loyally using Apple for twenty years, I parted ways with my faithful 12-core Desktop and 2013 Macbook Pro and bought an HP Zbook with the proceeds.

Apple have failed to support their industrial user base. OS X, with its legion of user-friendly gadget-apps has become more and more geared to the consumer market. They're intoxified by selling iPads, iPhones and iBooks. Video-wise it has been one catastrophe after another. Apple arrogantly destroyed Final Cut Pro. Then they released the "dustbin" - the least enticing Desktop machine since their cube. Then they killed QuickTime on Windows. There are still no really powerful graphics cards for the Mac.

This "Pro" laptop is a massive joke. The Touch Bar with its ability to scroll through emojis you can put in your email takes the biscuit. Will Adobe be supporting this in any of the Creative Cloud applications? Can I envision Autodesk implementing it in Maya? They tout the new P3 wide-gamut monitor but only a fool would design in anything other than sRGB (for devices), Adobe RGB (for print - though...) or Rec709 (for broadcast). That is unless they're sure the next user will own one of these ridiculous machines. Who cares how fucking thin it is?

I can't help but reflect that this is incredibly short-sighted in business terms. Apple used the Mac's rep as a graphic design powerhouse in much the same way that Fashion houses use haute couture. Certainly they still retain a dominance in the creative industries, but in my opinion only owing to people's reluctance to consider the alternatives. That appears to be changing.