insane stuff wot i found surfing online #1

one comes across some pretty strange stuff online. the strangest, i find, are the seemingly private after-trails of misery and insanity. here are three powerful specimens i came across quite by accident whilst looking for other stuff.

do NOT ask me how i came across this. i have no idea. it reveals one man's battle against the toxic administration of wikipedia. completely bonkers. excepted here is details of an edit war over a siouxsie and the banshees article. but there's much, much more besides. you read it here first second.

why i ended up on jaime's discogs page i don't know. but there i was. therein he details his incredibly shocking treatment at the hands of one "joe lewis" from chicago - who steals all his music and releases it as his own. internet gold.

this is really heartbreaking. pete's story is tragic enough but at the bottom there is a single, very sweet comment from susan cadogan herself. the anxiety is almost unbearable. did pete ever read this comment?