it's a record

well now we're really in hauntological territory!

like a sad old cunt i've been buying old beano and dandy annuals from when i was small. i'm looking at the years 1978-1981 when i was aged 7-10. the annuals were delicious things - intertwined in my memory with the joys of christmases past and solitary skiing holidays in switzerland (my parents off doing grown-up things).

artistically they are really fabulous. the stark limitation of black and white with one supporting colour (orange, pink, blue, yellow, mauve) gives them a pop-art look and really foregrounds the illustration which is pretty much always crisp and iconic.

particularly powerful from a nostalgia point of view (as my brother points out the -algia suffix, denotes an ache or pain as in "neuralgia") are those particular pages which one remembers in the profound nooks of one's unconscious. funnily enough i have a higher incidence of these with the older annuals than the more recent ones which presumably i was less deeply engaged with.