beyoncé "hold up"

wow. how good is this track? surprisingly difficult to hear online. you need to catch it on the radio or get a tidal subscription (only jokin')

single ladies exploded with attitude didn't it? love that tune.

but since then beyoncé has been putting out bland music. i thought she'd just lost it. someone put a ring on it. was she wrapped up in the majesty of being queen béy? dubiously intoxicated with being in that "glittering" relationship? yawn and yuck.

if the rumours (becky with the good hair?) are to be believed the marriage has entered a difficult phase. if so - thank god - because "hold up" sounds like the fruit of those problems. someone grappling with reality for a change.

gotta be honest though. as much as love the track i have to find fault with beyoncé's tone. too much imploring. her arguments in favour of preserving the marital status quo are insipid. "how could you cheat on this? [gestures at lace bodice]" - "er honey just because i did..." - see, it betrays a total lack of understanding of the male psyche. if your man cheats on you you should kick his fucking face in. go nuclear. don't try to reason with the a$$hole. let him do the relationship work innit: "you better think!"

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. as aretha once demanded.