Where's Warhol?

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Mrs Ingram worked long and hard on this project. The amount of research she undertook to conceive these illustrations (the very talented Andrew Rae cloned her detailed but rudimentary drawings) was remarkable. The original Where's Wally/Waldo series rely on Martin Handford's genius for extemporising doodles to fill every nook and cranny with manic detail - but try and substitute that free-wheeling inventiveness with accurate historical, or culturally-relevant material and you have a mammoth task on your hands. I took affront at one particular (albeit very positive) review which had her down as writer, as though she'd just penned some blurbs at the back - no, no, no; she conceived the damned thing.

On this particular layout based on Basquiat in Washington Square I was wheeled out of my man-cave and expected to contribute what little in the way of knowledge that was relevant to the project. Andrew Rae, who is something of a music geek himself, quite rightfully included The Beastie Boys and Sonic Youth (they weren't on my list) but if you can spot among others Liquid Liquid, DNA, [Rap Acts 3+4+5] and old Woebot associate and downtown legend Stuart Argabright - well you know who to blame. The book has just been issued in France on the prestigious Centre Pompidou imprint. Do please rush to Amazon US or UK and get yourself a copy.