MModern Poetry

If you haven't heard the latest eMMplekz longplayer you must check it out. It's great. Ian Mordant's a pretty good poet, funny too. And the Ekoplekz backing tracks are typically brilliant - his usual slyly tuneful coruscating rotary gyrations. Nick just churns this stuff out - astonishing. He showed me this epiphany Mordant had written for The Wire which was hilarious too - an alarmingly cheeky way to get PR when you're not as easy, or becoming, to be written about in the press any more.

As with old Mordant track titles like "Comments (0)" some of the lyrics are not exactly close to the bone - but gnawing on said bone. Because, as much as anyone, Mordant must be aware that the joke's on him too. Like on "MemBrane" with its miserable mailing-list mantra: "unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe, subscribe, unsubscribe..." The choicest line has to be from "Britain's got Talon" "everyone thinks their LP has been criminally overlooked" - ouch, that really fucking hurts.

Their assemblage works best though when Ian's not trying to sound too tough and imperious - when he actually embraces what it is to be a loser. Because we all know how that feels; the winners more than anyone. Imagine how perpetually insecure Kanye West feels with his planetary-sized inferiority/superiority complex (same thing innit).