Hallo again

All of this, the poetry, the ignominy, the hubris - it also swirls round my head when I think about my car-crash singer-songwriter LP "Hallo". As chance would have it I was rummaging about in an old box under the stairs and I found these fragmentary poems which remind me a great deal of the eMMplekz lyrics. Not bitter certainly, but more or less strings of gnomic observations strung together into diaphanous poetry.

I can't remember exactly when I wrote these down, compiled them from old notebooks, and for what purpose. It's likely they were my first stab at lyrics for "Hallo". I'm not sure why I didn't use them, well they don't scan or rhyme so they probably weren't that useful as lyrics. They weren't fit for purpose. On the sheets of paper I have all of them are tidily crossed out. That's eight whole poems! Get some of that down yer neck.


they had a student union romance
took polaroids of dog turds
god is discovered again
and again
and again
he hammers screws for the council
a friend buys them a balloon machine
for their baby
she works for apple and orange
they have a rip in their couch
she finds a walkman in an old office desk
in the sweat of thy face
shalt thou eat bread

bike band

hailing through
a cloud of cyclists
your right trouser leg
is torn
they turn into
a carpark
pulling low curves
back onto the street
running over a dog
that was already dead
safe biker
browsing housing
playing polo
a shadow lines
up with the gutter


climbing the
high-pass filter staircase
red eyes at dawn
dobly dolby
wow and flutter
the smooth sound of ferrics
american cousin has a feeble
reggae collection
elton won't take colin on tour
any more
adopts ryan
slamming those prodigious
mid-tempo rockers
history of the progressive blues

love song

i wanna ricochet off you
ride the escalator of flesh with you
i'll be your shroud
hiding you from death
you can live in my musical shadow
i'll never feel that
compassion fatigue
we'll live like foxes
children literally freezing
we'll retire to malibu
and play palmanism
and long-distance golf
take the cruise liner
to the other side
and become one with the

(michael karrig)

even before he smoked pot
it was reaching out for him
the light which surrounds
him is the fossil-like
remains of an ancient
moral world lived by
angelic beings
he runs off to join an
uncontacted tribe
he hallucinates mice
quantum cryptographist
he is a puppy
so happy to be alive
speculates on the
mechanics of accidents.
he grew up wanting to be a spy
but kept it secret
he is a waste of time and space


she eats in the restaurant
from which she was fired
new power rangers director
infuriates old fans
nine foot worm
makes own food
american woman doesn't understand
plain english
he goes out with women speculatively
and improves their looks
she wears a fur coat with paint on it
"oh darling don't ask"
he tortures his employees
at the shrine in the office


failed chorister
hand model
chartered charlatan
severn bore
robotic troubadour
pyramid seller
pinata martyr
tracklab bitch
eaten by giant goldfish
product evangelist
platform atheist
wedding photographer
city trader
cycle courier
welshman from india
secret smoker
celebrity without portfolio

british museum

smirke's erection had
bespoke ladders
branded buckets
custom mops
in time these
were lost
and broken