Fragments - Techno In The UK 1989-1993

A classic bit of troublemaking really. On Billy Bunter's recent show with Floyd Dyce, Floyd pointed to the massive influence of Bleep'n'Bass on his classic "Daydreaming". I got to thinking about of a strictly UK bleep mix that steered several 'Nuum figures (like A Guy Called Gerald and Mark Ryder) into Techno where they also rightfully belong. Also there's the breakbeats of TFSOL and Black Dog. It was never a hard and fast distinction in those days. Also there was the sheer joy of rubbing B12 up against the 'Nuum and rejoicing in beautiful tracks by Kirk Degiorgio and Iueke. On the wheels of steel. No edits at all.

Original Clique - Now Hear Me Now
Unique 3 - Weight for the Bass (3 Ton Mix)
Forgemasters - Stress
Inertia (A Guy Called Gerald) - Fragments
M-D-Emm (Mark Ryder) - Get Acidic
Bang The Party - Instrumental
The Aphex Twin - Delphium
As One - Isatai
Iueke - Tape 4
Likemind - Artifax
Orbital - Belfast
Mark Broom - Seagulls
Reload - Le Sol Et La Mer (Black Dog Productions Remix)
Intelligent Communication - Drive
Musicology - Mondrin
Baby D - Daydreaming


The Clockwork Mouse

I always loved that spangly toy rhythm-box music. It was hearing Peaking Light's under-rated "Lucifer" in my local record store that set me off. (I went to the counter and asked what it was - the temptation these days is to not risk asking a human and turn to Shazam - much less humiliating). I asked them if they had a copy, and bizarrely the guy said, "No but you can get it on Discogs." Dude, that's not the idea. I told him, "er, I'd rather buy it off you." I ended up buying it from Discogs.

There were a bunch of songs I would have included but I realise they've been on other mixes in the past and, well, I hate to repeat myself. So I didn't include the Steve Beresford floot number from Prince Far-I and the Arab's Vol 3. Also not the great Video Aventures. Neither Roj's brilliant "Morning Break". In fact the music box cut up from The Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker" would have been good. (scratches head) I could have even put something from the last Woebot EP on it.

Personally I find the rigidity of clockwork rhythms bracing. I'm quite happy listening to wooden, entirely unflashy repetitive beats. The notion that electronic music needs to be funky or rhythmically "interesting" seems incredibly gauche to me. Of course this is an extended symphony in praise of the Labcast Mouse Groop. But equally I guess one for the Young Cluster Strike.

Cluster - Hollywood
Wally Badarou - Mambo
Shantel - Tosca Session
Hercules & Love Affair - Time Will
Broadcast - Corporeal
Suicide - Touch Me
Young Marble Giants - Cakewalking
Grimes - World Princess
Nini Raviolette - Suis-je normale?
Stereolab - How To Play Your Internal Organs Overnight
Harry Hosono - Honeymoon
Mouse On Mars - Rompatrouille
Peaking Lights - Dreambeat
Little Annie - Third Gear Kills
General Strike - Danger In Paradise
The Focus Group - Salty Sun Tales
Joe Meek - I Hear A New World


Variations in Garage Rock Melancholia

The Replacements - Willpower
The Kinks - The’s A New World Opening Just for Me
Big Star - Nigh Time
Vincent Gallo - So Sad
Love - Virgin Sleep
Illitch - Larsen Lumpen
B_Film - Night Running
Skip Spence - War In Peace
Slint - Untitled
The Charlatans - Codeine
Captain Beefheart - Peon
Tintern Abbey - Beeside
The Beta Band - Dr Baker
The Rest - Raga
Flaming Tunes - Beguiling
Keith West - On A Saturday