I love music

Why certainly I love music. In fact if you wants it - I gots it. Open that little red box there. That's right just on the back seat.

Uh huh - so you like Rap music yeah? I got rap music dude. I gots De La Soul. I gots Public Enemy.

Funk you say? I gots the funk. I got Prince. There's no more funky than that my friend.

Oh you like Reggae? Well everyone likes a bit of Reggae. So how about I slips on some of the ole Tuff Gong. A bit of Bob Marleeeeeee.

Shall we keep it chilled? Lets go with Neil Young. Ease into a little Van the Man. Perhaps some Creedence. Sergeant peppers. Greatest album ever no doubt. Aaah that's better.

Yeah you're right we need to lively up ourselves. The Replacements you say? Well certainly you're full of surprises my friend. Sorry Ma! Well, well, weeeel. A connoisseur's choice if I may say.

And then more punk rock? From Minneapolis? Well surely that'll be the Du talking.

May I make a suggestion? Meat Puppets II? You've not heard that. Well my friend you are surely in for a treat. Kick back and listen this to this baby. R Stevie Moore? Ever heard of him? Ho ho ho! Classic.

Where do you want me to drop you? By the gas station? You too my friend, have a lovely day.