Freedom to Party 1990

I came across this thanks to a Google search after listening to Billy Bunter's excellent interview with Floyd Dyce of The House Crew.

It seems a very, very long time ago. Twenty six years have passed. I was at Camberwell Art School at the time. I can almost not believe it, but, yes, I'm certain I was there; though I can't see my face among the other lanky gurners. I remember milling around with a bunch of people with that usual sense one gets at public events of there being no focus for our attention.

I don't remember being possessed with any particularly articulate political agenda (that's for boring old people isn't it?) just that it seemed like a pleasantly annoying thing to be able to protest about. The only abiding memory I have is of some "wet-behind-the-ears" student union muppet lecturing me of the event's wider significance and him being scornful of my ignorance of this profound erosion of my democracy. Plus ├ža change.