Grievous Angel Midsummer Mix

More mixes. Mixes are now a conceptual outgrowth of both the "mixtape" of Hip-Hop and the cassette for one's lover. Supplanting the "LP" or the "single" they have become the true lingua franca of the post-internet musical universe.

With the classic "Move Down Low" on Soul Jazz records (for me the highlight of Kode 9's DJ Kicks mix) my old pal Paul Meme escaped orbit for a moment. He shares with Ekoplekz the success of transcending this our sphere.

This summer Paul sent me a link to this excellent mix he'd made. We spoke extensively at the time about it and most particularly on the subject of Big $hot's "Glitch". Paul has a digital copy as well as the original. I was transfixed by the track and went and found what was then the only copy left on Discogs. I was really delighted with the slightly scratchy twelve inch that arrived in the post a week later.

This morning, having finally found time to catch up with myself (working four jobs at the moment) I looked to dig it out of the Grime section of my collection. Echoing Leo's experience as recounted at Dissensus I was, I dunno, confused, to find two copies of the twelve inch.

On reflection, while certainly proving (a) I have too many records (b) I must be getting a bit old in the head (c) My tastes have completely ossified - it does bring back to me the rampaging intensity and excitement of 2003 when I would have bought it from some shop or other on the basis that I loved it. There was so much great music being put out that everything was a blur.