Micachu and The Shapes: Good Sad Happy Bad

This will be favourite Micachu LP so far. It's the LP I've been waiting patiently for them to make.

Mica needs the discipline of working with the Shapes. They are a shit hot band. Her mixtape of last year "Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical", a solo effort, rambled. I mean, frankly, modern avant-garde music... The "Under The Skin" (2014) soundtrack was great but didn't necessarily work in isolation (I mean, it wasn't supposed to, it was a soundtrack)

I've always been hooked on Micachu and The Shapes' nimble pseudo-rock. "Never" (2012) made the mistake of trying to rock out too hard but it's their left-footed shamble which is the real attraction, not their sonic attack. Micachu sounds amazing here: her bewitching vocals, drunken and depressed, scat, slur and moan.

This disc takes the strengths of "Jewellery" (2009) and magnifies its best qualities. That the album was recorded in more or less one session is both remarkable but also very revealing about how turgid post-production has destroyed the atmosphere in music. This is the kind of music I wish Ariel Pink could still make. "Good Sad Happy Bad" is a strong candidate for the best album of the past ten years. It's up there with timeless classics like "Oar", "Dub Housing" and "Tender Buttons". More please.