Saw this band for the first time last night. It's been quite a week for Post-Rock all told.

I'm playing catch-up really though - because after their debut I completely ignored them. But they've steered themselves with unerring accuracy to "classic" status. With unswerving consistency of aesthetic purpose.

There's no shying away from the political dimension. This is refusenik music: manichean, yes but also fiercely, pugnaciously righteous - with all the positivity that that connotes. Me, I don't buy their brand of North American dissent. I'm not saying I don't respect it, but it smacks of posture and hypocrisy.

It's a joy to place them in a continuum. They're like Creedence Clearwater revival meets the Velvet Underground. Actually I was tripping out on the idea of Mo, Sterling, John and Lou being let loose on those amplifiers. The Gun Club also sprung to mind. And fIREHOSE's "frOMOHIO". But all screwed down.

They peaked their set, I mean absolutely broke loose at the end of the last track at 120 bpm. I counted it - one elephant. Like a giant lumbering beast. Gotta love those massive, four-guitar-thick, depth-defying chord sequences. Immensely satisfying, like egg-nog; and (presumably) wearing plaid.