Records damaged by stickers #1

Over the years it is possible stores have got better at using stickers which do not damage LP sleeves. It's the kind of behaviour which takes a few generations to be understood and amended.  Like for instance: Don't put mercury on your top hat to clean it. Right? Because if you do the fumes'll drive you insane.

You might think, in the slightly arrogant know-it-all manner that you often adopt, that you could have got these price tags off without damaging the sleeves. You'd use lighter fluid wouldn't you? Well fuck you - because I already tried that and it didn't work.

A few of these I tried to repair with Caran D'Ache Aquarelle pencils and spit. The one of the trees and bushes for instance. That was completely mashed up but now it's almost perfectly repaired. You didn't even notice it. However, this same approach doesn't always work. Notice the total abortion that is the blue one. Brown pencil. What was I thinking. I don't know why I bothered either because it's a shit record and it cost me about 50p.