Well, yeah, actually they call it "88 Boadrum". But my Boredrum is better. B'dum b'dum.

The chap in the middle waves his arms, tilts back and forth, ululates, and the 88 temporary recruited cult members arranged in concentric rings around him, bash their single cymbal accordingly. Also lean back and forth upon indication. Like eight-eight Bobby Gillespie's wot my erudite companion told me.

It starts out quite... boring. Appropriately enough. But it gets pretty engrossing. Ditching their Taj Mahal Travellers-style pretensions before crafting a monstronomic rock jam. The best bits are where the maelstrom quickly drops away and drummer and bassist lockstep; tearing off like Jaki and Holger riding out of the mushroom cloud.

Of course, it is all bloated with absurd cosmic pretensions. Did Eye really yell "God - we don't believe in you?" That was pretty corny. It's always more effective when you don't understand what people are saying. But nevertheless jolly good fun.